Main information:

Information for people with a handicap

Picture: Barrier-free pathway in the area of the main castle


Information for people with mobility impairment


Picture: Stairs at the entrance to the State Castle Museum

State Castle Museum


Access only possible via stairs (no lift available)

  • No barrier-free tour possible (no lift available)

  • Doorways at least 80 cm wide

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • Seats available


Knights’ Hall (visitors’ centre, ticket office and event rooms)



Picture: Extra step-free entrance to the Knights’ Hall

Extra step-free entrance to the left of the keep

  • All important areas accessible without steps via lift (length: 160 cm, width: 107 cm)

  • Doorways at least 85 cm wide

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • Seats available


Disabled parking

There are three designated disabled parking spaces at the Curaplatz car park.



Picture: Path through the courtyards of the castle

How to get from the car park to the main castle

  • Distance from Curaplatz to the castle ticket office approx. 1 km

  • Only slight inclines

  • Level path surface (paving slabs / paved gravel)

  • Barrier-free pathway in the area of the main castle

  • Seats available


Disabled toilets

At Curaplatz, in the first courtyard next to the kiosk and in the main castle in the Knights’ Hall


Picture: Tactile model

Information for the visually impaired

  • No guidance system for the visually impaired available

  • At Curaplatz there is a tactile model made of cast bronze. The castle and the old town of Burghausen as well as the lake Wöhrsee are depicted on a scale of 1:600 on a size of 110 x 190 centimetres. Braille and normal script complement the model and make the castle tangible for blind people and the visually impaired.

Information for the hearing impaired

  • No induction loop for hearing aids available

  • Written information available

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